A Method To The Maddness

It’s after the holidays and 2020 is finally over!  Definitely a crazy year we have all had in lockdown and I bet you are thinking that I have spent the last few weeks/months lounging around, eating bon-bons (not really, but you get the idea).  Well I am here to set the record straight….my workbench has been a hub of creativity!  I’ve been making components galore that will eventually be used in new bracelets, cuffs, earrings, necklaces and yes… bolo ties.  I’ve also been working on my first “line” as well as several new statement ring designs.  Many pieces on my bench are in process, some still at the beginning of the design phase, and others are in some stage of the process, all the while my butterfly eye flits around my workbench surface that is overflowing with geodes, semi-precious stones, vintage venetian glass cabs and lots of tools everywhere sending my mind spinning with new ideas. That’s when I know I need to clean it up a bit so my mind doesn’t wander to new designs when I still have so many that I need to complete.  

 No matter how pristine my work area is at the start of a workday, it inevitably ends up with every inch blanketed with tools and components!  Presently I’m using a lot of silver and gold mixed pieces and although there is silver almost everywhere, I keep all my gold in one spot and inside secure containers.  It’s just way too expensive to misplace.  Speaking of gold, I find that I am utterly smitten working with gold.  Although it’s mostly been on custom pieces, someday I would love to bring more into my own designs too.  It’s just magical to work with.

As much as I love wearing jewelry, I find the process and the many challenges that comprise the creation of jewelry to be just as or even more exciting.  It’s what makes me want to dash into my studio each and every day (that I possibly can).  When my week/weekend isn’t full of teenage sporting activities, ranch duties or family/grandkid time, it’s more time to spend “working” away in my studio!  I am eager to show you all my finished pieces, so stay tuned.  All in good time!