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Do you think your significant other is planning a chocolate-shaped heart for you on Valentine’s Day?  The thought is (literally) sweet, but I'd like to think, these gifts would be more meaningful (ie:desirable), if they came in precious (or semi-precious) metals and colored gemstones.

The Heart represents the center of emotion, love and affection and are the ideal gift to represent friendship, devotion, affection or romantic and enduring love. There is just no way to be cynical about hearts, from turquoise and gold to a stand alone piece of hammered silver.  

Not only are they beautiful to look at, but I believe each one makes you feel a little more love in your own heart when you place one of these beauties around your neck.  

Now is the time to give the gift of the heart, to yourself or someone you love.


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  • Hammered Sterling Heart With Leather And Gemstone Necklace - Heart Necklace
    Hammered Sterling Heart With Leather And Gemstone Necklace
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