If you follow Embezzled Metals Jewelry, you know that I absolutely love making rings, especially custom rings! However, I often hear from customers stating they have a problem pulling the trigger because they don’t know their ring size. One of the most popular questions is, “How do I measure my ring size?”, and it’s likely you have the same question! You can always buy a cheap ring sizer online, but in reality we don’t always have time to wait.

That is precisely why I wanted to write this short guide to help you next time you want to order a ring with the perfect fit. Before measuring your ring size, there are couple things you should think about:

1. Warm Up Your Digits

Body temperature is a huge factor in what size your fingers are when you measure. If you’re really cold, your fingers will shrink in size, and if you’re roasting hot, your fingers will expand. Find the happy medium where your temperature feels somewhere in between (and if anything, on the warmer side)

.2. Gimme Some Knuckles Whether you use the ring sizing chart below or a downloadable sizing tool, make sure you allow enough room in the sizing so that the ring can slip over your knuckle easily. As a gauge, check how snug your current rings fit—it can sometimes require a little wriggling to get them on and off, but not so much that you need to be Houdini!


3. Size ‘Em All

Each of your ten fingers (even the opposing ones) can have their own, unique size—be sure to measure them all, make a note, and keep a list at the ready on your phone! If you take the time to do the work all at once, it means your roadblock-free next time that perfect ring comes across your feed!


Ring Sizing Chart:

There are a couple easy ways to measure your finger with things you have at home like string, piece of paper or even dental floss.  Simply place the “string” around your desired finger and mark (or cut) to line up perfectly.  Then remove, lay flat on a ruller and voilà!